Sec 8. Anti – Pilferage. It is hereby declared unlawful for any person to:

Destroy, damage or interfere with any canal, raceway, ditch, lock, pier, inlet, crib, bulkhead, dam, gate, service, reservoir, aqueduct, water mains, water distribution pipes, conduit, pipes, wire benchmark, monument, or other works, appliances, machinery buildings, or property of any water entity, whether public or private;

b. Do any malicious act which shall injuriously affect the quantity or quality of the water or sewage flow of any waterworks and / or sewerage system, or the supply, conveyance, measurement, or regulation thereof , including the prevention of, or interference with any authorized person engage in the discharge of duties connected therewith;

c. Prevent, obstruct, and interfere with the survey, works, and construction of access road and water mains and distribution network and any related work of the utility entity;

d. Tap, make, or cause to be made any connection with the water lines without prior authority or consent from the water utility concerned;

e. Tamper, install or use tampered water meters, sticks, magnets, reserving water meters, shortening of vane wheels and other devices to steal water or interfere with accurate registry or metering of water usage, or otherwise result in its diversionin a manner whereby water is stolen or wasted;

f. Uses or receive the direct benefit of water services with knowledge that diversion, tampering, or illegal connection existed at the time of that use or receipt was otherwise without the authorization of the water utility;

g. Steal or pilfer water meters, main lines, pipes and related or ancillary facilities;

h. Steal water for profit or resale;

i. Knowingly possess stolen or tampered water meters; and

j. Knowingly or willfully allow the occurrence of any of the above.


Sec 11. Penalties. – Any person who shall violate Section 8 hereof shall be punished by IMPRISONMENT of SIX (6) MONTHS to TWO (2) YEARS or a fine not exceeding DOUBLE the amount of the value of the water stolen or the value
of the damage facilities.